What is #StayWOKE

The Bible tells us that we are to be watchmen for the citizens of the city. We have a responsibility to protect, love, warn and relate to those whom God cares for and loves, EVERYONE! At The ReMix #StayWOKE is all about God's vision and community. God loves people and our vision is aligned with God's intentions to love and save people. #StayWOKE is about bringing harmony to our community. So We will show our commitment to our faith and love with caring expressions to our neighbors and hopefully bring harmony to our community.

Our Commitment to #StayWOKE

We are committed to our mission to bring hearts into harmony for righteousness in action to Christ. This mission is much less about us and much more about our community. Our community needs harmony in relationship and life, we desire to see a community that stands together as one, different people from different places and backgrounds caring and supporting one another with a common faith and a common goal, love one another. We believe that it is vital to our mission to support and bring harmony alongside organizations that are bringing hope and life to the community we live in. So in order to #StayWOKE and #watchOURcity we are acting in faith in these ways:


We will be examples of harmony by serving those who are in need in our community. We will demonstrate our passion and love for our neighbors by being an example of service. On June 21, 2018 our community of faith will serve at the Lewis House. We will take time to listen and give a moment of hope and joy to those whom have been affected by violence and neglect. We are thankful for the partnership with Pink Cow Ice Cream they will come along side us that day and help us provide sweet joy to our neighbors with Ice Cream. Pink Cow Ice Cream has also committed to giving back 10% of its profits while at the Lewis House that day.


We will be examples of harmony by expressing our thankfulness and support to those who #watchOURcity. Our city police department officers and staff work countless hours day and night to assure every citizen of their safety. It is no easy task to #StayWOKE for the city and we believe coffee can help! So we will show thankfulness to our police department by providing free coffee drinks for officers. Thank You Eagan Police Department for making Eagan a great city to live.


We will be examples of harmony by encouraging others to serve their community. Our city needs us to step up, we can give our time, talents and treasures to benefit the city. Not one person can do it alone but if we each do a little together we can do much more. Throughout the month of June 2018 we will actively encourage others to engage their community and #StayWOKE in practical ways; volunteering and donating to organizations in our city that are making a difference but could use our help. Together we can bring harmony to our community.


We will be examples of harmony by staying informed about what is going on in our city. After all how could we possibly #watchOURcity and #StayWOKE if we aren't informed. You can join us at Kick Start Martial Arts on June 24th at 10am and spend some time hearing about how you can help make Eagan a better place, after all this is about collaboration and cooperation. Alongside those who work in the city we can be informed and participate in what is happening to make our city safer, better and greater. We hope you can join us, Kids n Kinship and other organizations will be there, it’ll be a great time to find a way to #StayWOKE for our city.

How You Can #StayWOKE

There are many practical ways in which you can get involved. We have partnered with four organizations in our community that are making great impact in the lives of many people in Eagan and Dakota County. We want to encourage you to check them out and be a positive influence in your community. You can give of your time, talents and treasures to these organization and know that you are providing an assist to make our Eagan and Dakota County a better place.


Kids 'n Kinship provides friendships and positive role models to children and youth ages 5-16 who are in need of an additional supportive relationship with an adult. The goal is the children will form a long-term friendship with a responsible, consistent role model. Through their Kinship relationship with an individual, couple, or family, children receive positive attention, experience a variety of fun and enriching activities, and benefit from developing the sense of self-worth that is essential to successfully functioning in school, in healthy relationships, and eventually on the job. Kids 'n Kinship empowers volunteers, families and youth to maximize skills and resources to build a stronger community. Kids 'n Kinship serves children in the communities of Apple Valley, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington, Lakeville and Rosemount and also provides school-based mentoring at four elementary schools. 

There are 30 young people in our city that could benefit from a positive role model in our community. #StayWoke and volunteer.

You can find out more, help and donate to Kinds n' Kinship by visiting their website: www.kidsnkinship.org/

You can also contact their staff for more information: Debbie Andrews Tel: 651-456-8153 Email: dakinship@aol.com


Dakota Woodlands began as Mary’s Shelter, incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)3 human service organization on November 25, 1981, located in West St. Paul, MN.  Mary’s Shelter served single pregnant women 14 years and older (eventually 11 years and older) until 1993 when the Shelter was licensed to add residential care for single homeless women and homeless women with children.  In 1995 Mary’s Shelter discontinued maternity services and focused on their homeless programming. 
Also in 1995 Mary’s Shelter relocated to its present site in Eagan, MN and began making plans for renovation which was completed in 2000 when the Board of Directors decided to change the name to Dakota Woodlands.    

On a single night in January 2015, 564,708 people were experiencing homelessness in America — meaning they were sleeping outside or in an emergency shelter or transitional housing program. From 2014 to 2015, overall homelessness decreased by 2.0 percent and homelessness decreased among every major subpopulation: unsheltered persons (1.2 percent), families (4.6 percent), chronically homeless individuals (1.0 percent), and veterans (4.0 percent)itemprop

The number of homeless people in Minnesota has reportedly begun to fall, but in Dakota County the number has risen. Resources haven’t kept up — shelter space is limited, particularly for single adults, and a low rental vacancy rate has pushed rents higher.

Even families have begun to experience waiting lists, often over a dozen families wait for shelter.  Families at Dakota Woodlands stay longer due to the shortage of affordable rental space leaving other families without any housing resources.  The number of poor renter households experiencing severe housing cost burden, those households in poverty paying more than 50 percent of their income toward housing is also increasing.  This combination is largely tributed to the rise in overall homelessness in Dakota County.

You can find out more, help and donate to Dakota Woodlands by visiting their website: www.dakotawoodlands.org/

You can also contact their staff for more information: Tel: 651-456-9110


The Open Door—with the support of the community—is able to assist thousands of local individuals each month through a variety of programs designed to connect those in need with fresh, nutritious options:

 Healthy food support at our Pantry, 12 Mobile Pantry® sites, and The Mobile Lunch Box, provided to almost 5,000 individuals each month.

 Family Advocacy/Community resource referrals link families to critical, stabilizing services at social service agencies.

  Garden To Table® program: 200 community garden plots, orchards, and perennial gardens, allows families to grow the food their family needs, free of charge.

You can find out more, help and donate to The Open Door Pantry by visiting their website: www.theopendoorpantry.org/

You can also contact their staff for more information by calling: 651-688-3189


The Lewis House is part of 360 Communities a Non-Profit organization in the Twin Cities. Since the Lewis House opened its doors in 1979, more than 86,000 survivors of domestic and sexual violence have benefited from its safety, support and advocacy services, with help provided to over 3,000 women and children annually. Trained advocates offer emotional support, safety planning, referrals to community resources and help in navigating the court system.

You can find out more, help and donate to The Lewis House by visiting their website: https://www.360communities.org/violence-prevention-intervention/lewis-house/

You can also contact their staff for more information: Tel: 651.452.7288