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February 8, 2018
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Meeting Notes 2/12/18

Hi team, Here are the notes from our 2/12/18 meeting. Thanks to Sharon for putting these together, this is no easy task but she is effective and efficient.

Please read through them. We have gotten ahead in our strategic planning for assimilation groups. I am very please with our outcomes in the last meeting. I’d like a little more discussion on volunteer/leaders development and 12Two groups. I know this will all pay off. We are learning together and forming our church as the Lord gives us wisdom.

Two big things to keep in mind are Easter (April 1st) and Community Connections (March 3rd).

For March 3rd:

– I am working or pens and shirts

– We need some kids games, Erin Had the idea of the spinning wheel which gives prizes, i love that game for the kids, Do we need any more?

– We will need some additional games I think

  • I will also work on the promo items for the event. I am looking to getting a popup banner and possibly and stretch fabric. (we will see how are funds last)



We really need to start promoting this like yesterday. I’d like to hear your idea over the forum. and see what we can come up with in the next week or so. This is really important to us, I know we can do it. Think of Ideas that could potentially tie us to the Eagan Community somehow…


Here are the meeting notes:

Deacon meeting-February 12, 2018


Israel Noboa
Israel Noboa
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